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At Go Nest, we aspire to be involved with sustainable projects that excite us – From reclaimed & re-greened quarries, marina locations requiring a new lease of life – to property developments targeting Sustainable energy rating standards.

Our Passive House initiative is currently under development with the goal of providing maximum environmental efficiency for the holiday rental market. Using the latest renewable energy sources and materials, we will take advantage of the benefits of high insulation, heat pumps, and solar inputs.

We develop and manage our portfolio of properties and seek opportunities to partner or represent other developments with like-minded companies looking to be at the forefront of energy efficiency and sustainability in the luxury leisure market.

Our team’s many years in the hospitality market mean we have decades of experience in the resort hotel leisure sectors. 

Go Nest is the culmination of our passion for leisure and the environment we live in, meeting today’s needs while safeguarding those of future generations.

Discover upscale accommodation nestled in the heart of nature and urban retreats built with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency.

Twin Lakes Holiday Homes

Enhancing the environment through reclaimed and re-greened quarry land using renewable building materials to future-proof a beautiful, natural space.

Luxury Cottages

From beautifully designed barn conversions to cosy thatched cottages, modern homes with state-of-the-art facilities to magnificent country manor houses, we have a stylish property to suit you, whatever you’re looking for.

Go Nest Suggests...

We suggest business models, projects, and properties with sustainability ideologies and eco-friendly best practices. When we explore ventures that we love, we simply can’t wait to recommend them to our clients.

We continually seek to explore and identify places, people, and new partnerships aligned with our principles. Check out two businesses below that we have experienced following such philosophies.